I just wanted to give you  an update on Porter since I brought her home. She is such an amazing dog. I am waiting for the pen to drop and her to start acting out because right now she is just too perfect!

She is so smart, friendly, and loving to everyone.

She has become the winery dog at the winery I work at on the weekends. She thinks she owns the place!

And the students absolutely love her!

I want to thank you for providing such a loving home for her until I was able to get her. I think this plays a huge role in how dogs act. I have people stopping their cars and asking me where I got her so hopefully you will be getting more customers from Seattle!

I attached some photos for her because she is just too cute!


I have you have an amazing summer and thank you once again for bringing her into my life:)


Erin Day

Porter is a F1B

Benji and Rustie are her parents


We have nothing but good things to say about our Posie. She fits right into our family of 4 kids and goes everywhere we go. Whenever we are out with her we get stopped and asked where we got her. One comment we hear often is how mellow she is for only being a 10 week old puppy. She loves to snuggle and will do anything to please us. We taught her all of her tricks in literally 20 minutes! She is extremely smart and makes me feel like I actually know what I’m doing! Her coat is so fluffy soft and we have had zero shedding. Our baby sitter is extremely allergic to animals and hasn’t had any problems with Posie.

Kathy was a dream to work with! I was very hesitant to purchase a dog we had never seen or met. She was quick to answer my million questions and picked out the perfect pup for us. She was great to send us pictures and videos. I know she spent a lot of time with the puppies and feel like that’s why Posie is so sociable. I feel confident recommending Kathy to anyone looking for a Goldendoodle.

Jodi Goeckeritz Alpine UT



. . . . POSIE AT A YEAR OLD! Hi Kathy, I just wanted to give you an update on our Posie. She weighs 40 pounds, loves going on runs, playing and cuddling with the kids. She's been to lake Powell twice and is a fabulous swimmer. As you can see from our pictures she literally gets smothered with love everyday:) We just her to pieces!! We can't thank you enough for her!! Jodi Goeckeritz Posie is a F1B Benji and Rustie are her parents


Hi Kathy, We absolutely love our new puppy, Khloe. Thank you so much for everything, you were really great to work with and I'm so happy we found such a great dog. Khloe has been the best addition to our family. She is the sweetest pup!! She is very cuddly and well mannered and she can also be really playful and fun! She's like a shadow, she follows us everywhere we go & she's quickly becoming everyone's best friend. Our Daughters give her endless hugs and our Son loves to run and jump around with her. She's great with people, very friendly and very smart. We love her to pieces. She brings so much love and joy into our Home. We really can't thank you enough. Jessica & Marcus Madrid Khole is a F1B Benji and Rustie are her parents


Hello Kathy! A little over 2 years ago we got our sweet pup, Lucy, from you. As I was sitting here loving on this sweet girl, I though we should drop you a message and let you know how thankful we are that she is in our life. My boys absolutely adore her (as do my husband and I) and she is our constant companion. She loves our walks and carpool pick-up time, she loves to fetch and play with her toys. She is so darn smart and was so easy to train. We couldn't be happier. Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you. She has made our lives all the better. Very Sincerely, Stephanie Fowler & Family Lucy is a F1


Hi Kathy, We have fallen in love with Hutch. He has been THE best ranch and family dog we could have asked for. He is sweet and loving yet sporty and energetic. He is great with Case (2.5 years) and Laney (1 y.o.) and sweet with new guests that come on to the ranch...they fall in love with him too. He is the perfect companion for Trent and I, helping us perform our daily chores, feeding the horses and cows and pushing snow. Hutch loves riding on the feed wagon or in the cab of the tractor. And when we're not with him, he can usually be found in and out of "his room", snuggling or playing with our big gray cat, Brother...they're the best of friends! He has many nicknames, Hutchy-doo, Alfalfa, puppers, to name a few. Truly we could not be happier with this guy and feel like he's just a natural fit to our family. I have given your name to several friends, so maybe some of them will give you a call on future litters. Hope y'all are doing well and please call if you're ever in the JH area! All the best, The Abel Family Hutch is a F1B Benji and Elsie are his parents


Zeke has been the most perfect addition to our family! I don't think we could have ended up with a better breed or better breeder. Kathy was super helpful, since we were several hours away she picked our guy for us based on our preferences. We may be biased but we're sure we got the best puppy available! My kids have the perfect friend to get their energy out and I have a new snuggle buddy. Zeke has been very easy to train and was able to go through the whole night without being let out to potty by night 3. We will DEFINITELY be using Kathy again in the future when we are ready to add a new puppy member to the family. Thank you so much Kathy for all the love and care you pour into these perfect pups ♡ - The Audagnottis Zeke is a F1B Benji and Elsie are his parents


Hi Kathy! Our family loves our puppy Linda we bought from Kathy! Linda is so good natured and a very mellow puppy. Everywhere we go people stop us because they want to know what kind of a dog she is! She is so beautiful. Working with Kathy was so easy and wonderful. She was so accommodating to us as we live in Utah. On top of that, we knew she cared about our puppy so much as Kathy was emotional to say goodbye to her! We would recommend going through My Red Golden Doodles 100% and will do so again when we are ready for another! Thanks! Julia and Trevor Blackwell UPDATE ON LINDA Hi Kathy! We just wanted to give you an update on how Linda! She has kept her red color, she never sheds, is 45 pounds and the sweetest dog! We just adore her, she plays and wrestles with our kids all day long- wants to be with us 24/7. She loves to snuggle and give us hugs! She has been so easy to train, and had the best temperament. Our trainer wants her to be a service dog! Thanks so much again! Linda is a F1B Benji and Rustie are her parents


Kathy Winston is doing absolutely great! He is such an easy puppy and so gentle! All my nieces and nephews adore him and he is great with them. He is also great with my older dog now that they are used to each other and play all the time. He is now swimming and fetching in the water and goes on fishing floats with us now too. Thanks for raising some great pups! -Jennene and Kelsey Winston is a F1B Benji and Rustie are his parents


Boy, what a great find! Kathy Allen is an excellent breeder. We recently purchased a male goldendoodle from her and he is wonderful. Kathy helped us choose just the right puppy for our family. He came to us already socialized, he could sit on command and has since learned many more commands quickly. Not to mention, he's such a good looking pup! He checked out just perfect from our vet and everyone that meets him - loves him! I would recommend Kathy and her puppies to anyone! Thanks Kathy from the Bauer Family Middleton, Idaho Benson is a F1


"Anyone interested in a Goldendoodle puppy should check out Kathy and Don Allen’s kennel in Idaho Falls, ID. During a trip from Cape Cod, MA to Jackson Hole, WY in April our daughter in law suggested we visit the Allen’s Kennel because she saw an ad for Goldendoodle puppies. We drove to Idaho Falls to visit the kennel, meet the breeder and check out the puppies. It was love at first sight for Anne our daughter in law and the two of us. We liked everything about the place. Kathy Allen was lovely and very knowledgable. The kennel was clean and very well taken care of and most important the puppies were adorable and obviously well cared for. After much loving of the puppies, discussion with Kathy and pictures/videos we returned to Jackson Hole to let our kids and granddaughter Millie discuss and decide if the puppy Anne like the best was right for them. The answer apparently came when Millie told her Mom and Dad “that is is exactly the puppy for us”. So the next day we returned to Idaho Falls with a crate to pick up “Peanut Butter” the new puppy. After seeing the puppies the day before we in a very weak moment decided maybe a Goldendoodle would be fun in our lives, so low and behold when we returned to Kathy’s Kennel we decided to buy “Butter’s" brother Tanner. Since we were continuing our travels to see more family in CA we asked Kathy if she would keep Tanner for three more weeks and we would arrange for transportation back to the East Coast. On May 9th Tanner arrived "clean a whistle” at 11 weeks old and he has been a joy ever since. Tanner is very smart and “turn heads” cute and beautiful. Without hesitation we whole heartedly recommend Kathy Allen’s Kennel and the Goldendoodle breed.” signed Don and Carol McInnes, W Falmouth, MA

Tanner stayed the longest, so I had to get a photo of him before he went to Massachusetts.

Peanut Butter

Kathy Thanks for the letter! Peanutbutter (Butter) is doing great! He never even whimpered his first night! Of course he is such a sweet guy that crate training went out the window right away! He sleeps in our bed or Millie's. (This we will have to work on soon). He is such a fuzzy thing that he gets too hot and prefers the bathroom floors anyway! He is potty trained which didn't take too long. He can already do many commands like sit, down and touch! His gentleness and kindness towards children is totally amazing! Butter still acts a lot like when we met him. He is super mellow and loves to hike then immediately take a nap! I have to say, I wasn't quite ready to get a puppy, but after seeing how great his parents were, how immaculate and loving your place was, I was convinced! The puppy you suggested for us could not be more perfect. We adore him. I have already recommended you to anyone who asks, and EVERYBODY asks, because Butter is such a good boy! Thanks for everything. Anne McInnes Wilson, Wyoming Peanut Butter is a F1


We just wanted to email you and tell you thank you! The puppy is doing well. Abby is AWESOME, she is absolutely beautiful, and the sweetest little girl. Abby has an amazing disposition; calm, well mannered, full of energy and fun to play with. She fits in great with our family, and she loves our older golden retriever. Everyone just loves her to pieces. We get comments all the time! Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies! Debbie and Skip Driggs, Idaho Abby is a F1


Hi Kathy! We have loved getting to know our baby Range! He is truly a part of our family! He is so smart and very sweet! He is such a love pig- he enjoys cuddles and follows us everywhere! Our home is so happy with him in it! We are excited to continue to watch him grow! Thank you again for helping us get such a great baby!!!! -Nicole and Aaron Range is a F1B Benji and Rustie are his parents


Hi Kathy, All is well with Marley our Red Golden doodle. In less than an hour she had forgotten about her litter mates and made herself at home. She learned basic commands almost immediately, is adventuresome and self assured. I'm surprised how far she can walk at only three months. Once a week I go to town and leave her in a penned area in the garage and she doesn't mind it at all. I thank you for starting her off right, she's the love of my life. Thank you again, Howard in Swan Valley P.S. when I learn to post pictures I will pass them on. Photo was taken the day Marley went to her new home. Marley is a F1B Benji and Rustie are her parents


We got our little puppy (Cooper) from Kathy Allen she has a real love and compassion for the dogs that she is breeding. She does a fantastic job at doing this. She is also very professional and organized at what she is doing. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for some great Golden Doodle puppies. I found her on KSL Classifieds. After just talking to her on the phone I knew this was the breeder I wanted to deal with. She sent us pictures and videos of her puppies. I told her what we were looking for and she picked out the perfect puppy for us. We cannot be happier with our little guy (Cooper). I was impressed by Kathy's willingness to accommodate us on picking up our puppy as well, since we live in South Jordan, Uah and she lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She met us half way in Malad where we picked him up. My wife and I fell instantly in love with this little guy. I was moved when I saw Kathy start to cry when she saw us leave with our new family member. We took Cooper to the Vet the next day to get a checkup. Our Vet was also impressed of how well taken care of Cooper was. Our vet was also impressed on Kathy's organization with all the puppies paperwork. So if you are looking for a great breeder for Golden Doodles you are looking at the right person to deal with. Perry Bauer South Jordon, Utah Cooper is a F1

Cooper at 1 year! He got big 95 lbs,. and darker in color!

Cooper at 5 months


As you can see from the pictures we LOVE Rosie! She is a huge part of our lives. She is the sweetest and most social dog. She is a saint and puts up with a lot of love from our 5 children...including 2 year old twins! She is also a very smart dog! At a year she is very reliable off leash and has a blast hiking, swimming, and lately sledding! She loves playing fetch and our favorite thing to do is take her to the park and hit tennis balls to her on the field. We usually take her on 2 walks a day...which she loves, but when life gets busy and we don't get out for a few days she still does just fine. Kathy was great to work with. So sweet with the dogs and great to work with! We are thrilled with our dog. Mary Pugh


Here are some pictures of our precious Caramel. She is so healthy, smart, spunky and so, so affectionate. We just LOVE her. Sincerely, Linda and Don Caramel if a F1


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