The wait lists are starting to fill up but my mama’s have had big litters in the past. They have had 9 to 12 puppies. Soooo fun!!!


Rustie’s next littler will be in the early part of the year 2020 as she will be having a rest enjoying a care free summer. 

Rustie’s wait list 2020

Smith, Female from AZ

MacMahon, Male from ID

Crawford’s, Female from AZ

Hall’s, Female from MO

Hansen, Male from AZ

Broderius’s, Female from ID

Nelum’s, Male from CA

Sheperd,  Female from AZ

Zach, Nolan Male from New Jersey 




Elsie’s next litter will be in the early part of the year 2020 the same as her sister so they can both have a fun summer together.

Elsie’s wait list 2020

Deutchman, Female from ID

Rita’s, Male from MI

Farner’s, Male from AZ

Andrew’s, Female from WA

Johnson’s, Male from CO

Glen, Female from UT

Strand, Male from ID

Paciulli’s, Female from WY

Hoffner, Female military




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