Tessa’s 2021 wait list

Tessa’s puppies were born February 19th 2021 . We got 10 little puppies and all are adopted. If you would like to see photos and videos of her current puppies look on “Available F1B puppies” their pretty adorable. She will have a rest time but we are looking at her next litter to be born around April 2022. If interested in that litter I’d be happy to start a new wait list even though it will be a wait.

Benavidez’s, Female from CA

Roper’s, Male from OR

Browns, Male from WA

Ware, Female from NE

Nicgorski’s, Female from NJ

Hamik, Feamle from CA

Williams, Male from CA

Shyelle, Female from NY

Moss, Male from OR

Miller, Female CT


GiGi’s wait list 2021

Adderlly, Male from D.C.

Day, Female from NV

Anela, Female from CA

Peck, Female

Cuellar, Male from CO

Morgan & Connor, Female from CA

Veronica, Female from CO

Matthias, Male from MA

Bass, Female


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I try to respond to emails and applications within one or two days if you haven’t heard from me check your Junk folder. Thanks