F1B Goldendoodle Puppies $1,800.00

Deposit Information

      • Deposit is $500.00 to hold your pick (1st deposit will get first pick and so on) and will be deducted from sales price

    The first deposit gets first pick of the puppy and gender you choose, second deposit gets second pick they asked for, etc. etc… Some have said they would love a male but if there isn’t any available, they would like a female. So, this is to address that situation. I will ask if you want a male or female when you make your deposit. This will make the initial wait list. Hopefully my mama dogs will give everyone the gender they want. If that doesn’t happen, we will go through the initial wait list a second time to pick the opposite gender. If you said you only want one gender and not the other that will not apply to you. I hope that is understandable and works for you.

When making a deposit, it is important to know that while we try very hard to meet our customers’ selection choices, we cannot guarantee the sex and color of your choosing will always be available. We DO guarantee a healthy, well-adjusted puppy that will provide many years of happiness, loyalty, and companionship.

There is a $25.00/day kenneling fee for every day after the pups are 9 weeks of age. This is below the competitive rate for a boarding service in the area.

You might think that you don’t want to be the last on the waiting list for fear that the last puppy might not be as good as the other puppies in the litter. All puppies in a litter are normally very similar. Any puppy could be the last one chosen in any given litter. It might be that people want a certain sex or a certain color or a certain size, and the last one chosen didn’t happen to meet the previous selectors’ criteria. Last does not mean least where puppies are concerned!

Payment Information

Certified Check, Personal Check, (please allow fourteen (14) business days to clear) or cash to Kathy Allen 12775 S. 10th E. Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Zelle is another option with my phone number 208-201-1559

Please let me know when you send your deposit so I can immediately put you on the wait list.

All puppy adoptions include the following:

CKC Puppy Application.

Health Record including all shots and worming information.

Sample of the puppy food it has been fed recently.

Crate and health certificate from veterinarian (only if puppy is being shipped).

Written health warranty and bill of sale.

Puppy blanket with mother’s scent on it.

How much is shipping? Shipping is not available right now due to Covid 19. Most people that are far away have flown here and flown home with their puppy on board. I feel like the airlines change policy often and we will need to check often.

Difference in F1 and F1B

Health Contract / Bill of Sale


Fill out an Application or Contact Us now to get on our waiting list for the next available Goldendoodle puppy!