GiGi’s 12 little puppies

4 girls & 8 boys

born February 12th, 2022

All these puppies are going to the best homes.

If interested in future litters you can check out our wait list.

Black Collar Boy

My family lives in Idaho so I get to stay in my home state. I’m so happy!

Blue Collar Boy

I’m a lucky puppy. I get to go live with my older sister and her amazing family.

Brown Collar Boy

This cute guy has his new home in Utah!!

Gray Collar Boy

Gray collar curly boy is going to live in AZ with his 1/2 sister Roxy!!

Green Collar Boy

I’ve been picked. I’m going to live in CO close by my brother and sister.

Light Blue Collar Boy

I have a fun couple from TX that are going to take me home.

Tan Collar Boy

The first pick family wants this little guy. Tan collar will live in CA

White Collar Boy

This handsome, sweet guy has a new family in Oklahoma!!!

Orange Collar Girl

This little orange collar girl has been picked by her mama!

Purple Collar Girl

Purple girl is going to live in Colorado with her new family.

Red Collar Girl

Red collar has her new parents and she’s going to be so happy!

Yellow Collar Girl

Yellow will love her new family in Denver so much!!!