Tessa had her puppies!

Puppies were born February 19th, 2021

All 10 puppies puppies have been adopted. Check my “Future Litters” page for next litters coming soon!!

This is the gray collar boy and he has been picked and will be happy with his new mama in New York.

Missed a photo of Gray collar so we got a video.

Black collar guy will have his  new home in Virginia with his new family.

This handsome blue collar boy will have his home in sunny California! 

Brown collar boy is going to make his new pawrents so happy in Oregon.

Green Girl looks like a New Jersey girl. that’s where her new home will be. 

Light blue collar lady is a dream and going to live in the great sate of Nebraska with her new family.

Orange is her favorite color and New York will be her home.

Purple is my collar color and I have been picked to go and live with my parents in California 

Red is my collar and my family lives in San Francisco. I little bit bigger city  then where I was born but I have great pawrents. 

Yellow is my happy color and I want to bring joy to my family