My Red Goldendoodles

Find Out About Our Dogs

Our Goldendoodles come from a great lineage of Red’s. Which is rare and very hard to find. Shangri-la and Palmares Kennels are credited with creating the Red Standard Poodle in 1980’s. Leatherstocking Kennels has kept the integrity in their breeding practices of red standard poodles with a puppy they got from Shangri-la and Palmares Kennels. Elsie and Rustie our two female goldendoodles have the Leatherstocking lineage from their fathers pedigree. Levi our male standard poodle is from a lineage that has been able to get a dark red color and to keep it over time. The poodles fur has a tendency to gradually fade. Levi’s Grandmother, and mother have kept their rich dark red color for several years.

Who we are.

I have raised Golden Retrievers for years, and saw a Goldendoodle for the first time while out with my dogs at the park. I was so intrigued by them. I felt like they were such magnificent dogs. After some research, I had to have one! I bred my Golden Retriever, Jesse, with a red poodle and kept two puppies from her litter. I love them so much. It makes me happy to be able to bring so much happiness to others with these wonder dogs.

What we do.

I include the puppies in our lives from the day they are born until they become yours! Through this method, I can guarantee they are given top quality care, nutrition, and love. Socialization is a crucial part of puppy development, and that’s the fun part. My focus is on producing quality puppies that come from healthy parents with exceptional personalities. My goal is to make you feel at ease by providing you with outstanding and honest service. Because these are a mixed breed, it is important for you to know for a surety your puppy’s pedigree. I have registered my dogs with CKC for this reason. Breeders have to comply with CKC guidelines or they cannot register their litters. You will get registration papers with your puppy and you can request the bloodlines to see where your dog came from.